• Giant wrap around screen porch + great light +a couple in love = Something like this. Congrats again to Sara and Matt! #bride #groom #ido #wedding #santarosabeach #florida #floridaweddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #wedding

  • Crazy in love these two!! Congratulations to Sara and Matt and their gorgeous day! #ido #bride #groom #wedding #santarosabeach #florida #floridaweddingphotographer #weddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #sunset

  • Rehearsal success tonight with Matt and Sara! I can’t wait for tomorrow! #ido #wedding #bride #groom #rehearsal #beach #florida #weddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer

  • Just you and the world. #florida

  • Oh hey Florida! Ready for another gorgeous wedding! #destinationweddingphotographer #ido #wedding #weddingphotographer

  • #Repost from @melissacoulier . Blog update! (link in her bio). Loved this image of the gorgeous bride on her wedding day this summer! #montanaphotographer #weddingphotographer #paradisevalley #ido

  • vendor love - capturing the day


    as most people know, finding vendors during wedding season is usually a piece of cake. a big, expensive, frustrating piece of weekend cake. luckily we are one of, if not the most unconventional couple… 9 years unconventional. so, we decided to get married on a wednesday. which solves the vendor issue and is also super convenient for all our guests. because everybody can take off weekdays, right?

    first order of business for me was securing a photographer. as a photographer myself it was important for me to work with someone who understood my style. i have known kacie quesenberry since we were kids. she lived two houses down the dirt road from me. kacie is someone who knew my work, my style and desired feel for unique wedding photos. she cares about her work and i knew she would capture our wedding week with love and attention. 

    i asked kacie to give her thoughts on our big day. here is what she had to say… 

    "It is always such a honor when I am asked to help tell a love story; seeing a glimpse into the biggest day a couple a will take in their journey together — a commitment to one another — and a shared celebration by all those who attend. In the Big Sky state, there is plenty of room for big love and big days for couples, but when you photograph a love that is bigger than the day itself, that is cause for a celebration unlike any other.

    That was my goal in capturing Melissa and Dave’s wedding day. Because their love is so great, it was apparent to all who attended, and evident in the tiniest of details. It was the thread that connected total strangers, helping them to feel like long time friends. It’s the kind of love that everyone in the room wishes for one another, with enough cheers, tears and dance moves to prove it. My goal was to have those feelings come through in each one of my photographs.

    Having had several discussion with Melissa prior to the wedding the day, I had a good feel for what she was wanting out of her images. When I looked through my camera, I tried to picture a magazine spread telling their story; an editorial approach to the day. I also had a wonderful second shooter — who captures love and light in the most eloquent of ways — and was thrilled to have a good team with me who knew the overall vision for the day as well; an important factor, especially in times when you have to work quickly and only have one chance to make a shot count.

    I have often described photographing weddings as having one foot in the present moment, and one foot in anticipation of what will happen next. There is a lot of observation that happens when you photograph a wedding. Patience often leads to great emotional images.

    Photographing weddings is always such an amazing time as a photographer, because you get to experience every emotion with everyone in front of your lens. From the bride putting on her dress with mom getting teary, to the candid moments, to the speeches, you are right there with every person and moment. Looking back on Melissa and Dave’s wedding day, I feel as though that’s how I experienced their day and told their story; through love and emotion of all who celebrated.”

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  • Super excited to share more of JD and Hannah’s engagement session with you! Be sure to head over the blog! www.kacieqphotographyblog.com #engaged #engagementsession #ido #montana #paradisevalley #livingston #montanaphotographer #kacieq #weddingphotographer

  • Channeling my @jennamartinphoto and @brookeshaden in my first attempt at a composite.

    No laughing. Or do. Whatever. It’s not perfect. Doesn’t need to be.

    This idea for this image has been running through my mind the past few weeks. It actually stemmed from a song I heard from Brad Paisley called, ‘Shattered Glass.’

    I think more than anything, it’s how I’ve felt as of recently. Breaking my own glass ceiling, with the “no’s, not good enough’s, do you even’s, give it up’s, can’t’s, not x-y-z.” And yes, those all have happened. Probably more so in the last ten months than in the last three years.

    Yes, there have been lots of ups, but not without their downs. It’s been a learning point, both professionally and personally. I realized though that I could either use all those negative words weigh me down, or use them to break my own ceiling to move upward toward my goals.

    I can’t tell you don’t get discouraged, because I think it’s inevitable. We all do. But I will tell you, do not give up. Period. Gather what is thrown your way to give you the motivation to move onward to your goals. No one can take those away from you, no matter the words said, doors slammed or rugs pulled out from underneath.

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  • Super cool news on this Friday morning! Jessie’s bridal portrait image is in the running for the spring 2015 cover of @rockymtnbride ! Be sure to head on over to their site and vote for this gorgeous bride!! #bride #bridalportrait #rockymountainbride #photoshoot #montana #bozeman #montanaphotographer #weddingphotographer